Helessence candles inspired by the beauty of the greek natural landscape


The essence of Greece

Helessence is a candle making studio based in Thessaloniki. Since 2017 we are creating scented soy candles with emphasis on aromatic quality and perfect burn efficiency. Our goal is to create small pieces of scented art which can reflect in shape and scent the timeless and enduing spirit of Greece.

Our philosophy

The founder of Helessence, Theodoros Vasilias, started his journey in the wonderful world of perfumes in 2012 when he visited for the first time a labdanum distillery in Crete. The unique and enchanting aroma of the Cretan rock rose, which did not smell like anything he had ever smelled before, ushered him to find a way to capture and spread the unique scents of the Greek land around the world.

The search for authentic locally produced essential oils was difficult. Their production was small and unstable. But with patience and dedication to the vision of Helessence, the first formulas were developed. Formulas that could capture the incomparable beauty of these unique aromas to the fulest.

This is how the Essence series was created. Our flagship collection of scented candles that includes the suffix of our company's name and encloses the quintessence of Greece. Pure, raw, organic scents, memories, experiences and a philosophy of life that is void from anything unnecessary.

The candle collections that followed were created for those who love more perfume-like fragrances. Faithful to the spirit of Helessence, the final imprint is always authentically Mediterranean, familiar to us both in appearance and smell.

Our candle collections

In our store you will find 4 unique candle collections, each with its own aesthetic and aromatic style.

  • Discover the mono-aromatic options from 100% pure essential oils of endemic plants of Greece in the ESSENCE collection.
  • Find your favorite scent combination with 15 options from the GRAECIA ALBA collection.
  • Travel to favorite Greek destinations with the GRAECIA FUGA collection.
  • And finally be inspired by the elements of nature from our premium collection  ELEMENTS.

Helessence sustainability


Wax: We use only soy wax produced from European soyfarms. Soy wax is not only renewable as a resource but also produces a steadier burn which results in a more consistent scent output. Also, soy wax produces a clean fume when burning as opposed to petroleum-based waxes which are not only non-renewable but also toxic.

Fragrance Oils: We collaborate with a myriad of small to large manufacturers to create our bespoke scents. All of them are based either in Greece or within the EU and have the highest standards of quality and sustainability. Our scents are created from a combination of both natural and high-quality synthetic components.

Due to essential oils’ manufactory process being by nature an unsustainable practice, we try to use only so much to achieve an authentic scent output. For the rest of the formula (usually over 65%) we use synthetic oils. Please note that we source only phthalate-free, allergen-free fragrance oils, which means they are safe for burning.

Wicks: We use only cotton core wicks coated with vegetable oil, as all the components are sustainable and non-toxic.

Containers & packaging: All candle containers can be reused and repurposed but can also be recycled (after being cleaned). This also goes for our pinewood lids (FSC certified) and all our packaging which is made from recycled paper. We do not use plastic when we ship our products.

Carbon footprint: We take extra care when it comes to the carbon footprint of our finished products sourcing the majority of the components from within Greece with minimum transport distance. Glass containers, lids, wicks and packaging are all sourced from Greek manufactories with a distance of less than 350kms from our base. Wax and fragrance oils are sourced in the EU.  


VAT #: EL117623167
Chamber of Commerce: 042700806000
Company name: Theodoros Ant. Vasilias