Helessence wholesale luxury scented candles made in Greece

Helessence was born out of the junction of 2 words: Hellas and Essence. It is the vision of founder Theodoros Vasilias to capture, transform and introduce to the world the unique aromas of the Greek indigenous fauna in an elegant and discreet form, void of any redundancies. 

Our company's aesthetics is about minimal yet graceful shapes, strict yet precise typography, modern yet timeless illustrations. To serve as a contemporary extension to the fragrances they hold within them.

All our candles are hand poured in our workshop in Thessaloniki. We use 100% vegetable soy wax (certified non-GMO) and cotton wicks for the cleanest possible burning, while fragrancing them with our own compositions of perfume and essential oils (IFRA certified). All candle containers can be reused and repurposed but can also be recycled (after being cleaned). This also goes for our pinewood lids (FSC certified) and all our packaging which is made from recycled paper. 

If you liked what you've just read and think our products match your company's philosophy contact us for a wholesale pricelist. Whether you are in the retail business, a hotel unit, or planning an event, we offer competitive wholesale prices with exceptional value for money quality.