Custom Creations

custom scented products creation by Helessence

Quality. Experience. Innovation

Trust in the excellent craftsmanship, in-depth experience and knowledge of the market in the largest manufacturer of candles and scented products in Greece. For 8 years now, Helessence has pioneered and undertaken large-scale projects for leading retail chains and hotels all over the world.

With over 135 ready-to-order fragrance codes, over 20 off-the-shelf container options in every color shade, logistical and design infrastructure to support your every project, you can be sure that your products will stand out and impress any audience.

Whether you are from the HORECA sector, or you deal with wholesale distribution or even if you organize events with related scented gifts, contact us to discuss how we can make the ideal aromatic product for you.

Process Overview


Our journey begins with an initial consultation, where we guide you through the process of crafting a product that harmonizes seamlessly with your brand.

With our wealth of experience in bespoke manufacturing and retailing, you can trust that your product will not only exude exquisite fragrance but also captivate visually.

Ahead of our meeting, sharing insights about your brand and values would greatly assist us in preparing unique concept ideas tailored to your needs.

Design Phase

Once we've delved into your concept, the design phase unfolds. We'll walk you through essential questions to determine the type of wax, fragrance selection, container style, and packaging design.

We collaborate closely to either develop your distinct fragrance, match an existing favorite, or select from our meticulously curated collection of over 135 in-house scents. We also partner with leading European fragrance houses to help you discover the ideal scent.


At every stage of this journey, we keep you well-informed. During the development phase, we provide you with wax melt samples, allowing you to refine your product until it meets your complete satisfaction. Once you've settled on the fragrance potency, you'll receive a full prototype in packaging for final approval.

In addition to your input, we conduct rigorous in-house testing and quality checks to ensure each candle aligns with European safety standards, burns evenly, and emanates a captivating aroma.


Our state-of-the-art pouring system grants us the versatility to handle orders of varying sizes, catering to both large enterprises and boutique establishments.

On average, our lead time spans 2-3 weeks from the moment all raw materials are in place. Throughout the manufacturing process, we keep you updated on progress milestones.


Diverse packaging materials await your selection. During our consultation, we'll walk you through the array of choices available.

Should you require it, our in-house graphic design service can help your product command attention. Alternatively, you can provide your own artwork, and we're well-equipped to recommend several reputable companies offering comprehensive printing services.

Contact us now and let us discuss your next scented project together!