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Behind the Scent: Argolis

διά Theodoros Vasilias επί Jan 19, 2019

The theatre of Epidaurus in Argolis

You may wonder why we chose that name for a candle. What's the deal with this never-heard-of place you might ask. Well, there is. Packed with a truly legendary background, the town of Argos, from which the region took its name, is believed to be the longest continually inhabited town in Greece. Argolis was the seat of power of the Mycenean kingdom that ruled Greece in the late bronze age and it is the first ever advanced civilization in mainland Europe, with great myths surrounding its power and influence, included in the Homeric epic Iliad.

We wanted to name the candle Mycenae at first, but this would only suggest the famous archaeological site near Argos, so we went for Argolis in order to represent the entire region. After all, our idea was to create a delicate citrus aroma and the name just came naturally due to the fact that Argolis is situated in the minds of all Greeks with the word "orange". 

Thus, inspired by the vast orange groves in the Argolis plains, we created this joyful citrusy fragrance which opens up with lively notes of Bergamot and then unfolds into a classic citrus accord of Orange, Tangerine, Lavender, and Patchouli. We infused a hint of Neroli and Verbena to further amplify the floral character of the aroma and added just a caress of Cedarwood and Rosemary for a lasting herbal impression.

Sounds a bit "perfumy" and it is actually. And we're very proud of it. If we wanted to go for orange-orange we could. But the scent is so over-used from soaps to detergents to everything, we couldn't help but to twist it and tame it to something more distinct yet refined for a luxury candle line. We hope you enjoy it as well.


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