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Elements Supreme: AER #01

by Theodoros Vasilias on Mar 17, 2021

Elements Supreme: AER #01

AER #01 Elements Supreme

Represented by the god Mercury, the swift messenger of the Gods, carrying  Psyche on his shoudlers, air is symbolized by an octahedron or a 3 dimesional rhombus.

TOKEN ID: 9624067796860823


DATE CREATED: 11/03/2021

DATE MINTED: 17/03/2021


RESOLUTION: 1280 x 1920

AER candle

You are collecting a piece of the Elements Supreme Collection which includes both a digital token (NFT) on the blockhain that proves your ownership, plus a physical token - that is a limided edition candle, plus a signed and numbered card with a QR code linking to this spesific URL with owner info* so that people can see the artwork.

The AER SUPREME candle is hosted in a silver-blue concrete vessel and is fragranced with a herbal accord of Lavender, Rosemary, Petit Grain, Fugere and Vetiver.

CURRENT OWNER: teoking78

View it on the blockchain

*Owner can contact us on twitter or here to update the owner info link. First owner who's receiving the physical token should also write their home address.

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