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Elements Supreme: YDOR #01

by Theodoros Vasilias on Mar 17, 2021

Elements Supreme: YDOR #01

YDOR #01 Elements supreme

Ruled by Neptune the god of seas and all the creatures living within it, Ydor is symbolised by an icosahedron, though it's questionable that zooming into an H2O molecule you would ever find one, but who are we to question Plato. 

TOKEN ID: 9624067796860823


DATE CREATED: 11/03/2021

DATE MINTED: 17/03/2021


RESOLUTION: 1280 x 1920

YDOR candle

You are collecting a piece of the Elements Supreme Collection which includes both a digital token (NFT) on the blockhain that proves your ownership, plus a physical token - that is a limided edition candle, plus a signed and numbered card with a QR code linking to this spesific URL with owner info* so that people can see the artwork.

The YDOR SUPREME candle is hosted in a concrete vessel coated in metallic aquamarine and is fragranced with an aquatic accord of Hyacinth, Cedarwood, Bergamot, Violet and Pineapple.

CURRENT OWNER: teoking78

View it on the blockchain

*Owner can contact us on twitter or here to update the owner info link. First owner who's receiving the physical token should also write their home address.

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