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Behind the Scent: Olympus

by Theodoros Vasilias on Jan 09, 2019

Mount Olympus - Helessence scented candles

Never in the history of mankind has a mountain been so celebrated and renowned as the massive stone fortress in Central Greece. Of course, we are talking about Mount Olympus, the seat of the ancient Greek pantheon, home of countless myths and tales.

Towering nearly 3km, the mountain seems to emerge straight from the Aegean Sea on the border between Thessaly and Macedonia. Its highest peak Mytikas next to the magnificent Stefani ridge, where it is said that Zeus himself chose to build his palace, is surrounded by 52 peaks, deep gorges, and exceptional biodiversity. Truly, with over 1700 species of flora living here, more than 20 of which endemic, Olympus is considered by many to be a botanical paradise.

Why Olympus?

From the moment we conceived the Graecia Fuga candle collection, I knew I wanted to name a candle fragrance after this mountain. And I knew exactly how it should smell like. After all, its slopes have been my home for 14 months of army service and its impressive Enippeas gorge a frequent escape with my fellow troopers.

Thus, having the privilege to live on the feet of Olympus for over a year gave me the opportunity to witness the changing colors of the seasons and ingest the flavors and scents that come with them. Memories of lavish Oaks and proud Cedar trees, with the sweet breeze of Chestnuts, Maple, Bay Laurel, and Holly in the harsh winter when all is covered in white. I can still smell on the tip of my fingers the Thyme and Mountain Tea (Sideritis) I was plucking away on my way to the village of Litohoro in the early Spring. Really, I can go on forever...

Olympus is one of the somewhat biased candle scents we made towards slightly masculine, mostly because of its prominent Cedar base. Our initial thought was something sharp and edgy and grandiose, but we would be missing so many things. Thus, we rounded the base with sweet Oud and a touch of Sandalwood to create a soft yet subtle pillow in which a blend of Lavender, Verbena, and Oakmoss can reside.

While the first notes that hit the nose are green with a hint of Bergamot, you will soon notice the eminent Pine and Jasmine before the heart of the fragrance is revealed to you. The result is an invigorating and uplifting woody-green candle scent with a herbaceous core that I believe it captures all the seasons and colors of this fascinating mountain.

P.S. This fragrance was created with the collaboration of Perfumedom: The no1 fragrance oils supplier in Europe. 

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