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Travel candle Kedros. Scent notes: cedar, cardamom & sage

Kedros Travel Candle

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A universal symbol of strength and resilience, cedar trees can be found all over the world in different shapes and sizes. Kedros is made from cedarwood essential oil of the species cedrus brevifolia, a special subspecies of cedar native only to Cyprus. Brevifolia is a dark, sensual, and captivating essential oil that stimulates the senses with its rich aroma.

Our take is a more contemporary twist on the classic cedarwood scent, with the help of guaiac wood to further deepen its resinous quality. sage is added in the mixture to facilitate with its calming camphorous undertones and finally a touch of cardamom to deliver a luxurious feel to the entire composition.

Scent notes: cedar / cardamom / sage

50g / 12hours

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Kedros Travel Candle

Smells like...

That warm woody aroma on your fingers when you rub them against some cedar leaves. Coarse, raw and earthy with a just so slight camphorous undertone like an all time classic mens cologne.

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