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Kitron Travel Candle. Scent notes: citron, bergamot & petitgrain

Kitron Travel Candle

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Citron is a genus of citrus fruit tree like lemon, mandarin, orange, etc. Our Kitron reffers to a specific fruit from a tree called kitria found mainly in the Aegean islands and more spesifically Naxos.

The fruit resembles a lemon, though much larger, with a thicker rind and almost white flesh. It was first introduced in Greece from Persia with the conquests of Alexander the Great where it was used for medicinal purposes as well as a flavorant in cooking. Its aroma is very close to bitter orange and lemon but more powerful and flower-like. Our aim was to bring out the floral properties of kitron with petitgrain and brighten it up further with bergamot and a dash of lime.

Scent notes: citron / bergamot / petitgrain

50g / 12hours

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Kitron Travel Candle

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