Krokos Reed Diffuser with fiber reeds
Krokos Reed Diffuser with cork stopper

Krokos Reed Diffuser

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It is called “the king of spices”, costing 4 times its weight in gold. Use of saffron dates way back pre-classical Greece where murals found on the Minoan palace in Crete were depicting young women harvesting crocus flowers. Nowadays, the homonymous village of Krokos in Kozani is the only area in Greece, where saffron is systematically cultivated, and it is classified as First Grade DPO product by the European Commision due to its superior quality.

In Krokos we captured this powerful aroma in a sensual woody blend of oak and cinnamon, along with a hint of suede, that exudes a refined and unhibited luxury.

Our Reed Diffusers are the ideal flame-free option for any room of your home or office. They provide a steady and long-lasting scent for up to 4 months thanks to the superior quality fiber reeds that do not clog and do not collect dust.

Scent notes: saffron / cinnamon / oak

100ml / up to 4 months

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Krokos Reed Diffuser

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