Myron - Αρωματικό κερί με άρωμα μύρο
Myron - Αρωματικό κερί με άρωμα μύρο
Myron - Αρωματικό κερί με άρωμα μύρο
Αρωματικό κερί με άρωμα μύρο

Myron Scented Candle

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Myrrh was a highly valued commodity in antiquity as it was well known for its numerous medicinal and spiritual benefits. Thus, it comes as no surprise that because of its prominent place in ancient societies to have been woven in various legends and myths. In fact, the Greek word “myrodia” (scent; smell) stems from the word Myron, and that alone says a lot for the appraisal of this remarkably odorous substance.

Our aim for the creation of this scent was to refine this powerful oil into a true balsamic fragrance, lifting its woody notes with styrax and warming it further with tonka bean and benzoin to entice a sense of focus, calmness and alleviation.

Scent notes: myrrh / tonka / styrax

200g / 50hours

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Myron Scented Candle

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