Travel size candle in brushed gold container
Compact and elegant candle packing, ideal companion for your travels or for the office.
Prumnon Travel Candle. Scent notes: prune, cassis & vanilla. Made in Greece.

Prumnon Travel Candle

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Prunes were a prized delicacy since ancient times, from the hellenistic era and forward. The more commonly known plum fruit has been documented to be systematically cultivated in Rome as early as 65 B.C., though the dried version, prune, that came originally from wild plums that were grown mainly in Syria (hence the word we use in modern Greek “damaskino” from the Syrian city of Damascus), has been enjoyed in Greece for much longer than that.

Our aromatic version Prumnon is paired with ripe cassis, warm vanilla and a touch of almond blossom for a small floral kick to its fruity deliciousness.

Scent notes: prune / cassis / vanilla

50g / 12hours

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Prumnon Travel Candle

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