Thymos Reed Diffuser with fiber reeds
Thymos Reed Diffuser with cork stopper

Thymos Reed Diffuser

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A humble bush praised from millennia for its medicinal as well as culinary properties, while used by warriors before battles to give them courage and heroism. Thymos is made almost exclusively from thyme essential oil of the species thymus atticus, native only to Greece, sourced from the slopes of mount Olympus where it is more abundant than anywhere in the country.

The Atticus variety is a crisp-lemony surprise you won't get enough of, still maintaining the well-known herbal signature of thyme. And for a full aromatherapy experience we have added fresh lemon and basil essential oils to the mix with a hint of tomato leaf.

Our Reed Diffusers are the ideal flame-free option for any room of your home or office. They provide a steady and long-lasting scent for up to 4 months thanks to the superior quality fiber reeds that do not clog and do not collect dust.

Scent notes: thyme / basil / lemon

100ml / up to 4 months

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Thymos Reed Diffuser

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