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Behind the Scent: Meteora

διά Theodoros Vasilias επί Feb 17, 2019

Meteora Valley

A hidden gem in the heart of the Greek mainland awaits to be discovered. Located in northwestern Thessaly lies one of the most magnificent natural rock formations and one of man’s greatest architectural feats. Meteora translates literally “suspended in air”, and there’s really no better word to describe this breathtaking landscape.

These huge monolithic formations, sculpted by flowing rivers, split by earthquakes and weathered by wind over millions of years are crowned by 24 Christian monasteries of the highest architectural value. One can only stare in awe and wonder how construction was ever possible in such challenging grounds.

The first hermits that arrived in this area at around 11th century AD lived in caves within the rocks of Meteora seeking isolation and connection with God. But as their number grew, their common drive of faith guided them to form the first monastic communities with the construction of monasteries of unimaginable craftsmanship.

These monasteries became the centers of the Orthodox creed in the Byzantine era, having produced some of the best pieces of religious art and craft and still possessing a collection of precious manuscripts. Today, only 6 of them are inhabited and the entire region has been included in the UNESCO World Heritage List and Natura 2000 Ecological Zone as well for the protection of their surrounding wildlife and fauna.

Meteora is a delicate yet distinct candle scent for those seeking refined Oriental aromas with resinous bases and floral heart notes. A scented pilgrimage, as we like to call it, to this truly divine landscape, with prominent Frankincense accentuated with Jasmine, Musk, and Cypress, accompanied with a touch of precious Carnation and Rose absolute for a more lasting impression. Enrich your feelings of spirituality that this candle exudes. Even if your interests are not deeply religious, we are sure that you will find peace and harmony with this one.


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