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Behind the Scent: Naxos

διά Theodoros Vasilias επί Jan 30, 2019

Behind the Scent: Naxos

Naxos, the largest and somewhat most underestimated of the Aegean Islands, packs in more attractions, both natural and historical, than any other island of the archipelago. Its sheer size means that you get it all: mountains, valleys, golden beaches, secluded ruins, green gorges, ancient monuments, and Venetian castle ruins.

I first came to Naxos in 1996 and discovered that, unlike the popular stereotype of a Greek island, it is quite lush and fertile with the majority of Naxians employed in agricultural occupations. And unlike the popularity of… potatoes being the first thing that comes to ones (Greek) mind when they hear “Naxos”, the island is full of citrus groves with a special strange looking fruit that seems like an oversized lemon which is called Citron and it is surprisingly not that sour. Olive trees are predominant here (of course they are) but also a vast amount of pomegranates and figs which entire villages’ economies are based upon.

Naxos was the capital of the Duchy of the Archipelago and the 400 years Venetian rule is quite prominent from the moment you step your foot out of the ferry. The Venetians were largely responsible for building the hilltop castle known as the Kastro, one if not the largest and best-preserved castle quarters in the Cyclades – a time-travel experience for every traveler.

Naxos Scented Soy Candle from our premium collection Graecia FugaThus, our first candle in the Aquatic range was born. In the heart of Naxos lays a summery accord of Oakmoss, Hyacinth, and Grapefruit which gives out almost instantly a clean and breezy impression, one that you cannot resist to sniff it over and over again in order to absorb as much sunlight you can.
The top note of Grapefruit is accentuated with sunny Pomelo, a scent reminiscent of the Citron liqueur I was introduced every time I sat for a meal at a restaurant on the island, while the heart is paired with bright notes of Melon and sweet Fig. Finally, we deepened the base further with a hint of Vetiver in order to balance out the “wetness” of the aroma and bring out a slightly more “earth” to it.

We hope you enjoy our premium Naxos candle and we can’t wait to hear what you think of it. 


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