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The perfect candle scent for each zodiac sign

by Theodoros Vasilias on Jan 23, 2019

candle scents for zodiac signs

Whether you are shopping for you or for a friend, choosing the right scent is a bit of a tricky business since you don't have the actual product in front of you to get your nose into. Have no fear though.

Our sophisticated algorithm has found which candle scent goes hand-in-hand with yours or your friend's star sign based on hundreds upon hundred satisfied customers. So, considering you are a typical representative of a respective sign - and you're not some kind of a totally f*ed up Pisces - you may as well leave the selection to us.

Candle Scents for Aries

Aries loud and impulsive character goes well with every fragrance which screams "I'm here!". This sign demands your attention and will do anything to attract it (in a moderate way... not cray-cray like an Aquarius). So, in order to compliment for Aries' restless attitude, we need a very bold scent but not too deep (because, you know... Aries). Something that exudes energy and enthusiasm. Our suggestion: Cucumber & Melon. This fragrance is designed particularly for those who love crisp and bright scents that make a striking, vibrant and joyful statement.

Candle Scents for Taurus

Feel free to chose anything for a Taurus, they won't mind anything as long as it's free. Taurus self-indulging and materialistic nature won't notice that they really hated the smell. But in case they do notice, make sure you chose a delicate and floral-based fragrance. Yes, they are dull and square as hell blah blah, but let's not forget they are the children of Venus. Deep down inside those stubborn bulls hide a little kitten desperately need of cuddles and belly rubs. So, in order to hit the sweet spot for a Taurus, you need to carefully select something refined with a hint of sensuality, calming and down-to-earth. Our suggestion: Bluebell & Magnolia. Romantic and soothing at the same time. The perfect scent combo for a Taurus.

Candle Scents for Geminis

Another easy one. Moving on from the possessive Taurus, we find the versatile and deeply superficial Gemini. This sign will not even notice that you brought them a fabulous Helessence candle as a birthday present because they will be immediately distracted by constant notifications on their phone by hundreds of friends wishing them a happy birthday. But if you are a Gemini and can't decide a scent for yourself (it happens...) then go for one that matches your witty and erratic nature. Our suggestion: Key Lime & Basil. It's sharp, it's spontaneous, it's lively and always ready-to-go like you.

Candle Scents for Cancers

Even the most benign of gifts like a candle may end up with some raised Cancer eyebrows, questioning your inner motives. However, if you can pass that first barrier of skepticism and select the perfect scent for your Cancer friend then you got yourself a drama-free evening. A flowery composition to compliment their emotional nature or a fruity fragrance to uplift their mood and make them forget about a bad break-up 10 years ago might just do the trick. We would recommend the nostalgic romanticism of Zante but should be avoided by recently divorced Cancers. So, for a safer approach pick White Peach & Jasmine. It has all the fruitiness, the tart and just the right amount of emotions in it.

Candle Scents for Leos

If you are a Leo you may think that you haven't found yet a fragrance to match your gracefulness and magnificence. Indeed, your Highness, there is no such scent in this world created by mortal hands. However, please accept our humble suggestion for Cedar & Cardamom: created only with the finest blend of cedarwood and amber essential oils, enriched with spicy notes of black pepper, cardamom, tonka, and vanilla. This warm woody composition is as generous and prominent as a typical Leo would (like to) be, boasting a very distinct character. After all, it's all about you, you, you.

Candle Scents for Virgos

Moving on from the attention queens, we have another pain lurking just around the corner. That shy and reserved Virgo, who you only like for an unexplained reason, will be more than happy to accept your gift, in the exchange for his criticism on our nevertheless superb craftsmanship that will snowball to your character and disposition in no time. Our suggestion: Lavender & Rosemary. Clean and practical, nothing too fab, just good o' provincial reminiscence of a herb garden to make your Virgo feel comfy and right at home. As a plus, you can stress out the high concentration in essential oils in this one. You're welcome.

Stay tuned for more catty scent suggestions on our next post!

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