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The perfect candle scent for each zodiac sign pt.II

by Theodoros Vasilias on Jan 28, 2019

Candles and zodiac signs

You probably came here because you couldn't get enough of shade in our previous part and wanted more. In case you landed here by accident let us remind you that the suggestions below are based on our stalking machine highly sophisticated algorithm that did all the work for us. (That's a disclaimer if you didn't get it). So, let's move on...

Candle Scents for Libras

With 21 scents in our store (at least in the time of writing this), we are wishing the scales good luck choosing one. Fortunately, our system has recognized that Libras usually go for delicate floral aromas with a distinct sophistication to them. That sounds exactly like our best seller Lilac & Freesia. But then again, our machine could be wrong and you might like the sultry woody subtleness of Black Pine & Lily. But how about our Graecia Fuga premium collection of designer fragrances? Zante is a delicate floral blend of Gardenia and Vanilla that bursts with joy and cheerfulness. Why did you make so many floral aromas? Why?

Candle Scents for Scorpios

Since the day they were born, Scorpios were told that they are mysterious (woo) and provocative and sexy and whatnot. Well, no. But we are not here to set fire to the foundations of astrological myths. We will just take advantage of this illusion you have for yourself as the dark child of the zodiac and propose our most sensual blend Amber Resin & Tobacco to set the scene for seduction. But you don't need any help in that field, do you? So for a more realistic approach go for Cedar & Cardamom. It has all the character and punch you would most like to smell in a candle that reflects your mysterious and provocative and sexy and whatnot personality.

Candle Scents for Sagittarius

The fun-loving bunch that most astrologers don't know exactly what to say for them, besides "fun-loving". But you are more than that, and sometimes that's not a good thing. However, we are just going to focus on that trait and propose you the most bright, adventurous, carefree and well... fun-loving candle scent we have in our assortment: Naxos. A balanced composition of crisp fruitiness with an oceanic aura that compliments your ever enthusiastic and fun-loving nature. Peace.

Candle Scents for Capricorns

If you ever find a Capricorn who might be interested in purchasing a scented candle then please email us. We will send them one for free. And if you are not exactly sure which scent to choose for your grumpy goat friend, we are here to help with a refined composition from our Graecia Fuga collection. Meteora: a deep, hearty blend of cypress and oriental resins sitting on a soothing floral accord that rounds their rigid and practical nature. 

Candle Scents for Aquarius

The weird bunch of the zodiac is also a nightmare for scent selection. They will say that they go for edgy and controversial fragrances, but when it comes to choosing for themselves they almost always go for the most stereotypical scents in the market. And then you are left asking: Are they full of it or just plain dumb? Thus, if you want to purchase a candle for your Aquarius friend, go safe and choose our best sellers Apple & Cinnamon or Zante Currant & Vanilla. You can never go wrong with these 2 deliciously cliche combos.

Candle Scents for Pisces

Honeysuckle & Sweet Pea. A no-brainer when it comes to scent selection for Pisces. Even our predictive AI system agrees that it's one of the sweetest, most nostalgic and romantic flower compositions out there. A spot-on match for the sensitive nature of the fish and a true floral delight that will inspire them to write a poem about your most kind gesture.

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